Whole Bean Organic Coffee Sample Pack Eddie's Gourmet Coffee

Eddie's Whole Bean Coffee Sample Pack

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Eddie's Organic Whole Bean Coffee Sample Pack includes one 50g (1.76oz) bag of our 10 coffees.

These are fresh roasted, organic, and amazing!

Eddie's Coffee Sample Pack Includes:

  • 50g bag of Colombia Sierra Nevada Single Origin Medium Roast 
  • 50g bag of Sumatra Ketiara Single Origin Dark Roast
  • 50g bag of Guatemala Huehuetenango Single Origin Medium Roast
  • 50g bag of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Single Origin Light Roast
  • 50g bag of Bali Blue Moon Single Origin Dark Roast
  • 50g bag of Espresso Fantastico Dark Roast Blend 
  • 50g bag of Caffe Espresso Dark Roast
  • 50g bag of High Impact Dark Roast Blend
  • 50g bag of Smooth Move Light Roast Blend 
  • 50g bag of Mellow Magic Medium Roast Decaf Blend 

You can find the complete description of each coffee on this page.