Moka Pot Espresso Coffee Maker 6 Cup

Primula Moka Pot Espresso Coffee Maker 6 Cup
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Primula’s 6 Cup Aluminum Stovetop Moka Pot Espresso Coffee Maker delivers 6 demitasse-size cups of rich, authentic espresso.

Stovetop espresso makers are popular because you can make quality espresso quickly, without the hassle of electric espresso machines. Primula’s 6 cup (2oz each) espresso maker is compact, easy to use, and delivers 6 fantastic cups of fresh, aromatic espresso in one pot.

Its’ distinctive design provides through and even heat distribution for enhanced flavor and aroma. Included in each box are easy step by step instructions to make the perfect cup of espresso the very first time. Simply fill the lower chamber with water, fill the filter with ground coffee, and place on stovetop. Within minutes, delicious, bubbling cups of espresso will fill your pot. Remove from heat and enjoy!

This durable cast aluminum espresso maker features a safety-release valve, a major factor in controlling the quality of your espresso. It controls the pressure with which the water is delivered to the coffee grounds. Primula’s design allows you to make a delicious pot of espresso without worry as the safety release valve controls the pressure at a set, pre-determined level. This sturdy espresso machine is carefully crafted of strong, long-lasting aluminum and features a durable flip-top lid with a temperature resistant knob and handle that allows for easy, safe pouring.



Prepare authentic espresso, just the way you like
Quickly and easily make up to six 2-oz. servings of your favorite beverage to share with family and friends.

Heats up in seconds
Quickly prepare and enjoy a cup of your favorite coffee.

Heat-resistant handle
Creates a durable design. 

High pressure safety valve
Releases excess pressure to prevent explosions. 

Manual operation
Eliminates the need for programming, electricity or filters, so you can easily prepare coffee.
Silver finish
Creates a stylish appearance.


  • Makes 6 demitasse cups of rich, authentic espresso (2oz each) for a total os 12 oz. of Espresso.
  • Capacity: 12oz
  • Weight: 1.6lbs
  • Dimensions: 6.34 × 4.06 × 7.48 in
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Cast aluminum construction, with durable flip-top lid
  • Temperature resistant knob and handle that allow for easy, safe pouring
  • Safety release valve controls the pressure at which water is delivered to coffee grounds at a set, pre-determined level for perfectly extracted espresso
  • Distinctive design provides thorough and even heat distribution for enhanced flavor and aroma

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