Coffee Brewing Guide


Brewing high quality specialty coffee is an art form and requires the following 4 components:

1️⃣ Fair Trade Organic (FTO) "freshly roasted" coffee beans

2️⃣ A high end burr coffee grinder (not a blade grinder)

3️⃣ A specialty coffee brewing device - see list below

4️⃣ Coffee accessories such as pouring kettles, scales, etc.

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You will learn alternatives ways on how to brew coffee using:

✅ Chemex pour-over coffee brewer

✅ French Press immersion coffee brewer

✅ Moka Pot stovetop espresso brewer

✅ Aeropress immersion & filtered brewer

✅ Cold Brew Carafe 12-24 hour brewer


Each brewing method in this guide includes tips on:

✅ Best water temperature

✅ Correct coffee grind size

✅ Optimal coffee brewing time

✅ Ideal coffee-water ratios

In addition, we provide tips of grinding and storing your coffee that will take your coffee drinking experience to a whole new level of accomplishment and pleasure. 


"By accurately following the instructions in this guide, you will be able to brew the best cup of coffee of your life."

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