What is Fresh Coffee?

What is Fresh Coffee?

Posted by Eddie on 23rd Jul 2019

A lot of people think of fresh coffee as "I just made a fresh pot of coffee". However, in the specialty coffee world, that's not the exact definition. What we are referring to when talking about fresh coffee is freshly roasted coffee beans.

In order to make fresh coffee, you must start with fresh coffee beans, not ground coffee or pods used in a single serve machine. Most stores do not sell fresh coffee beans, especially the beans you see in the large barrels on the floor with a scoop to put the beans in a bag and checkout. These are stale beans usually with added flavors to mask the freshness.

Fresh coffee beans have to be roasted and then immediately sealed in a special airtight coffee bag to send to the customer, who will hopefully store the beans in an air tight container such as the Airscape, away from heat, air, moisture, and light.

This is the only way to ensure that you have fresh coffee beans to make fresh coffee.