My Top 3 Espresso Beans

My Top 3 Espresso Beans

Posted by Eddie on 30th Sep 2019

I've spent the weekend testing four of Eddie's coffees using a brand new Breville Barista Express espresso machine. The results are below. 

In order to be fair for this test I spent the majority of my time dialing in each coffee on the list with the exact grind size and amount of coffee in the portafilter to get the best shot of espresso. I did a double shot for each, added no milk or sweetener, and drank each as espresso and americano (espresso with 6oz of water).

I used whole fresh roasted coffee beans from our stock of Eddie's Gourmet Coffee. I ground the beans directly into the portafilter just before brewing the espresso shot. 

The testing machine

The Results:

  1. Caffe Espresso - This espresso blend produced a thick crema (that can be seen in the video at the bottom of this page) and a taste that had a lot of chocolate, no bitterness, and a smooth sweet finish. Click here for more info on this coffee.
  2. Bali Blue Moon - This single origin coffee from Bali produced a crema about the same as the Caffe Espresso. The taste was also outstanding with a lot of chocolate and a hint of black licorice. No bitter aftertaste. Click here for more info on this coffee. 
  3. Espresso Fantastico - This espresso blend is very dark and oily and ideal for many brewing methods. This blend is great for espresso, latte, and cappuccino, but does not have as much crema as the other 2. I have used this blend in all forms of brewing, with great results and taste, including espresso machine, auto drip, Aeropress, french press, and moka pot. Click here to learn more about this coffee. 

Bali Blue Moon double espresso shot

Honorable Mention: Sumatra Ketiara - These beans produced less crema, however the taste was amazing. Less chocolate flavor, but the hints of butterscotch and cedar spice were definitely there, with a lot less of the "earthiness" I get when brewing in a french press or Aeropress. Click here to learn more about this coffee.

Video making a double espresso shot with Caffe Espresso