Fine Tuning Your Coffee Grind

Fine Tuning Your Coffee Grind

Posted by Eddie on 3rd Oct 2019

Many people assume that you can purchase a bag of freshly roasted coffee beans and they can be ground and brewed exactly like another coffee roast or brand. This is not usually the case, and I'm going to explain why.

A lot of people will negatively review coffee beans, without it being the beans fault. The coffee beans are fine and freshly roasted, but the grinding and brewing has not bean modified for that particular coffee blend or single origin. 

"One thing I learned from making espresso is that the grind size is different for every coffee blend and single origin. Every time you switch coffee beans, the grind size must be dialed in or fine tuned for that particular coffee."

This principle also holds true for every brewing method, whether it be a french press, Aeropress, Chemex, and even an auto drip machine. 

TIP: Basically, if your coffee is bitter, then the grind size is too fine and you are over extracting. If your coffee has little flavor and tastes watered down or weak, then the grind size is too course and you are under extracting. 

I've created two videos that will explain in more detail on how to dial in your coffee grind for best flavor. The analogy is having your car tuned up for best performance and gas mileage. Enjoy the videos and info. If you have any questions, let me know.