Coffee Cup Serving Sizes Explained

Coffee Cup Serving Sizes Explained

Posted by Eddie on 23rd Jun 2019

In America, we are so used to our coffee cups and mugs being very large, often up to 24oz.

This is not the case in other countries. In fact, there are so many different coffee cup serving sizes, it gets confusing. I'm going to explain some of the most common coffee cup sizes in relation to the brewers we sell at Eddie's Gourmet Coffee. There are many other sizes for Latte's and Cappuccinos as well, not explained here. 

  • Moka Pot - 2 oz cups
  • French Press = 4 oz cups
  • Chemex = 5 oz cups
  • Aeropress = 3-6 oz cups
  • Standard coffee cup = 6 oz
  • Measuring cup = 8 oz

"I think we've been brainwashed by popular drive through coffee chains and convenience stores, some now offering 31 oz cup of coffee. Trust me, when coffee is done right, using an alternative method of brewing, you do not need that much coffee."

Keep in mind that the very large coffee sizes are offered from coffee brewed in an automatic drip machine, not alternative brewing methods that we suggest here. 

This photo below shows a Moka Pot Espresso with 2oz serving in a 3.3oz cup. This will knock your socks off and wake you up FAST!

The lesson here is that  not all coffee brewing methods use the same size serving cup. Please be conscious of this when purchasing a coffee brewer such as a Moka Pot, French Press, or Chemex.  Contact us with any questions