Best Manual Coffee Brewers Under $50

Best Manual Coffee Brewers Under $50

Posted by Eddie on 16th Oct 2019

Search Google for coffee brewers and you get 20,200,000 results. Let me simplify this for you by breaking it down to what I think are the 5 best manual coffee brewers under $50.

First of all, this is just my opinion, and everybody has one. This is a short list of the coffee brewers that I have used and recommend that won't break your bank or require much of anything, except for ground coffee, hot water, a pouring kettle, and maybe a scale. 

Secondly, I'm referring to brewing devices for Specialty Coffee that I mention in FREE e-book "The Complete Guide to Brewing Specialty Coffee", not single serve units such as a Kurieg or Nespresso. 

Here is my list, in order of preference:

  1. Aeropress - Easy to use, great tasting coffee, fast, minimal clean up, low maintenance. 
  2. French Press - Somewhat easy to use, great tasting coffee, easy clean up, some maintenance. 
  3. Chemex - Somewhat easy to use, slow brewing, best for light and medium roast, low maintenance.
  4. Cold Brew Carafe - Easy to use, great tasting coffee, very slow brewing, easy clean up, low maintenance
  5. Moka Pot - Somewhat easy to use, great for dark roast, somewhat messy clean up, high maintenance.  

There you have it, a simplified version of my top 5 coffee brewing devices under $50. 

We sell all of these brewers on our website here, listing a more detailed description of each. 

If you have any questions about any of these coffee brewing devices, send me and email or give me a call. Contact info is here