4 Step Formula for Great Coffee

4 Step Formula for Great Coffee

Posted by Eddie on 14th Aug 2019

Most people are certain they already know how to make the best cup of coffee. Just like anything else in life, there is always room to learn more, and make improvements.

If you take away one little tidbit of useful information from this article, then it was worth the read. My mission, along with offering high end organic specialty coffee beans, is to provide education to people on coffee brewing. Let's get started.

Step #1) You must have freshly roasted organic coffee beans. Not coffee beans sitting in barrels on the floor of the supermarket, or on shelves in bags for months. I mean, freshly roasted, preferably within the last 60 days. Organic means that the coffee is higher quality and free of pesticides. Find fresh coffee beans here.

Step #2) Use a good burr coffee grinder just prior to brewing your coffee. A burr grinder will make sure that your coffee beans are ground evenly and properly for your brewing type. In addition, each brewing method will use a different grind, some fine, some course, and good burr grinders give the option to adjust your grind level. Blade grinders are not a good choice. You can read more about burr grinders here.

Step #3) Use a specialty coffee brewing device. The ones I recommend are french press, Chemex (or any other pour over brewer), Aeropress, and cold brew carafe. Moka Pot also works pretty well, but only for dark roast espresso blends. Drip coffee is fine. Espresso machines are great. Forget about Keurig or any other single serve machines that use coffee pods. See the recommended coffee brewing devices here.

Step #4) Use a coffee storage container. This step is often overlooked by almost everyone. Few people understand the importance of keeping coffee beans fresh once the coffee bag has been opened. Coffee bags are meant for transport of the beans, not long term storage. Planetary Design makes the best coffee storage container and it's called the Airscape. Next to using a burr grinder, this is the one thing that I recommend to have a consistent high quality cup of coffee every day. Read more about coffee storage and the Airscape here.

Here you can see a cabinet of Airscape containers with our coffees. They also look great on the counter top. These containers are currently on sale for 15% off.

Airscape Coffee Storage